COVID-19 Laundry Policies

Employee Policies

  • All employees are expected to follow Northwestern’s guidelines for safe return to campus including, wearing appropriate PPE and self-monitoring for any symptoms before any scheduled shifts.
  • PPE such as masks and gloves will be provided to employees to ensure the safety of products delivered to all students.
  • Each fridge will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before it is delivered to students’ dorms.

Laundry Operations

In addition to the employee policies outlined above, the following conditions will be applied to Laundry operations: 

  • Customers will leave their bags in their dorms on the day of pickup and will retrieve them from the same place the next day
    • No customer will come in contact with any employee during either pickup or drop off
  • Laundry facility will frequently disinfect washers and dryers as well as comply with employee policies
  • All clothing will be returned to customers wrapped in plastic as well as within laundry bags to protect the cleanliness of all washed clothes.