About us

Our Story

Move-in is stressful. As RezEssentials is a student-run service, we’ve been in your shoes. Coming to campus, either for the first time as a new student or as a returning Wildcat, should mean lounging on the Lakefill and taking photos in front of the Arch; not stressing about move-in.

Since our inception in July 2013, our goal has been to make our customers’ residential hall experiences as seamless as possible. By providing delivery of bulky, difficult-to-transport goods straight to your room, we hope to take at least one stressful errand off your to-do list.

When we talk with students about move-in, and we do this often, the most common thing we hear is that ordering large dorm items through traditional providers such as Amazon is an absolute nightmare. Large, essential items such as fridges and printers are frequently held up at the package center for days, if not weeks, after move-in, which forces students into a difficult situation. Imagine trying to navigate your first full day of classes in a new environment, and having to deal with the stress and hassle of scheduling a time to lug a heavy fridge halfway across campus. As students, we feel your pain, which is why we work for free on move-in to arrange complimentary in-room delivery of all our products.

Ultimately, we’re a group of passionate students who understand that your time and Northwestern experience are limited and valuable. We’re motivated by a simple, shared purpose: to refocus move-in on the joy of coming home.

Our Parent Organization

Student Holdings is an entirely student-run organization that provides educational, hands-on business experiences to Northwestern University undergraduate students by giving them the opportunity to launch, operate, and grow businesses which provide goods and services to the Northwestern, Evanston, and Chicago communities. Our current portfolio is comprised of four companies: RezEssentials, RezLaundry, NUTutors, and Ink Tank.