How It Works

How It Works


You sign up

We pick up

We wash, dry, and fold

We deliver

Choose a quarterly or annual plan and checkout. Before your first pickup, we will deliver one of our special laundry bags for your clothing and ask you to complete a survey about your washing preferences.

On the morning of your pickup, leave your laundry bag on the first floor of your sorority or in the lobby of your residence hall. We will take it from there.
Your laundry will then be washed, dried, and folded by our laundry professionals. Your clothing will be washed based on your preferences. To learn more about how your clothes will be cared for, click here.
The next day you’ll receive your laundry washed, dried, and folded. We’ll leave it right where you left it - no need to pick it up from the package center. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed 

We know you'll love RezLaundry but if after your first wash you decide it's just not for you, we'll provide a full refund of your subscription--no questions asked. 

Our Washing Process

  • We follow your preferences: Once you sign up, we’ll send out an laundry preference form so you can choose your detergent (hypoallergenic is included).
  • We care for your clothes: Lights and darks are separated, clothes are washed with cold water and dried on low heat.
  • We never mix clothes: Each customer’s laundry is washed separately.